Monday, May 19, 2014

What A Difference A Month Makes

About a month or so ago, we went to eat with my parents at mom’s favorite place: Miguel’s. Dad ordered mom her usual burrito and mom ate it up.

mom and chris Last week, my sister and my Aunt took mom out to Miguel’s as a birthday present from my Aunt. My sister called me later that afternoon to give me a surprising report: mom did not know how to eat her burrito. I know nothing should be a surprise with this disease, but it had only been a month since her last visit. And what a difference a month makes.burrito


burrito 2“I don’t eat this part, no,” mom said, as she laid open her burrito and used a fork to eat the filling. Despite coaxing and explanations from my Aunt and sister, mom could not be convinced that she was supposed to eat the tortilla.

To make my sister’s experience even more eventful, the burrito evidently did not agree with mom. They were almost home when she motioned to my sister to pull over the car. She opened the car door (after Christina had pulled over, of course) and threw up the contents of her burrito. It didn’t all make it outside of the car, however. The upholstery of my sister’s new car was sprayed and mom made a mess on her pants. The smell was apparently too much for my Aunt to handle; it wasn’t long before she joined in the action and started to throw up in a bag in the back seat of the car. Poor Christina!!


  1. i just received a link to your blog from my dad...and I'm so glad i did! My mom has Frontotemporal Dementia. Her Dr calls it FTD, but it seems very similar to Semantic dementia your mom suffers from. I looked through your whole blog. I laughed and cried at some of the stories...because they are exactly what we are experiencing over here! My mom just turned 57 and i think she was diagnosed about a year before your mom (although she was showing strong symptoms for a few years before that.) Support groups, etc...are difficult to find around here as well, so I am so happy to connect with you and your sweet mom on this blog! Keep it is a fabulous resource!

  2. Jen, I'm sorry you are going through this but glad you found me. This is why I started this connect with others going through the same thing. It's comforting to know we are not alone! Semantic dementia falls under the FTD category. There are a few variations of FTD. Keep in touch!!

  3. Oh my, what a story. Love this blog Cassandra....

  4. One of the reasons your Mom may have had difficulty and then eventually threw up, perhaps she had an upset stomach so she didn't want to eat, but wanted to eat also, KWIM? If she'd felt better, she might have been able to eat it all together.

    After working for over 20+ years in long term care/hospice and special care units, there is usually an explanation. I bet if she felt better, she maybe could have eaten it easier. Its really difficult when they can't really tell you what the problem is.