Monday, September 15, 2014

The Note

Mom's latest "thing" is leaving notes on the door, attached with lotion, to let her caregiver-of-the-day know to leave her alone. One lady from church wasn't wise to mom's ways yet when she came the other day and she went back home after finding mom's note on the front door. Word to those caring for mom who may be reading this post: ignore the notes.

While I was in Idaho, my sister texted me a picture of this note that she woke up to find on mom's bedroom door.

Interpretation: "Don't come in now you can't see me naked and Plain Jane."

Dad and I was laughed out loud when we read the note.

This morning, when I arrived at mom's house, I found a similar note on mom's door. Except this time she "lotioned" it the wrong way and the writing side was sticking to the door. I would've taken a picture of it because it made me giggle, but I forgot my phone at home today! I'm sure you can imagine ;)

You may notice that there are some misspellings in her words. I've noticed lately that she has been misspelling words and names of people (even her grandchildren). If you know my mom at all, you know that this is another down slide. Mom was always proud of her Spelling Bee status. If fact, her name hung on a Spelling Bee Champion Plaque at the middle school for years; she was very proud of that. I'm not really sure if she can still read. I think she may be at the point where she can read and write what she wants only.

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