Monday, February 4, 2013

The Too Large Dress

For the past few months, mom has been pestering us to take her to JC Penney Outlet (I say that affectionately). We urged to her to wait until Christmas, knowing that some would be getting her gift cards for JC Penney. So, since Christmas, she has been asking to go. Saturday, I was the lucky one asked to take her on her shopping spree. Mom was so excited that she even skipped her nap to go!!

Mom knew exactly what she wanted. Immediately, she sprinted over to the dress section. She was on a mission, searching for dresses ONLY with longer sleeves. She was so focused on finding dresses with longer sleeves that she hadn't noticed that she had migrated into the Women's section (which is the section for larger women). She was thrilled when she finally found what she was looking for. The only problem was that they were all at least 2 sizes too large.

I promise I tried to tell her. I tried to explain to her that Women's sizes meant they were for larger women. She couldn't grasp the concept. She looked intently at the size tag on the dress which read "1X".

"See, it says one. It's not too big for me, no."

Okay mom, have it your way. The only sure way to convince her would be to let her try on the dress and see for herself that it was too large.

"See mom, it's too big for you," I said, as she looked at herself in the mirror.

"No, huh-uh, it's not too big, no. It's fine, you quit picking on me!" she snapped back.

Mom was seemingly happy with her find. Nevermind that she's a 5'7" woman, weighing in at only 135 pounds...she was happy with her size 1X dress. Nevermind that it looked like a dress that should be worn by a woman from Kenya (and I mean that with no's just a fact). Mom was happy with her selection. Is she hurting anything wearing a dress that is too large? No. Just let her be happy.

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