Monday, March 31, 2014

Another Funny

Both my dad and my sister shared a funny story with me that was too good to not share with my readers. This should give you a good chuckle ;)

Last week, dad arrived home from work one evening and was greeted by mom. She was talking a mile a minute as she filled him in on her day. She was very pleased with herself for accomplishing some chores around the house.

"It was so good too, I washed some dishes too...but something so weird happened, one plate disappeared and one plate broke apart it was so weird. Come here and see what happened it was so weird..."

Mom led dad into the kitchen and dad was trying to make sense of what mom was saying. He was preparing himself to find a broken dish; wondering how she would have managed to break the dish while washing it. He peered into the sink and, first, saw one plate washed and drying in the dish drainer. He then looked into the "washing" side of the sink and saw some sort of mess under the faucet. He looked a little closer, picked up the mess in his hand to inspect it further, and started to laugh. Mom had tried washing a paper plate!

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