Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Mom’s Letter

Last night, I was looking through some boxes in our rafters for something I wanted to use for my daughter’s school projects. I found a large ziploc bag filled with letters written from my friends in high school. I thought it would be fun to look through those again, so I brought them down with me and browsed through them while I sat on the couch watching our evening shows. I came across an envelope with my name scrawled across the front in red pen. I recognized the handwriting right away and knew it was from my mom. What a precious find!

I opened the envelope and took out the letter which, I discovered, was written to me around the time I was 15. I’m thinking that it was written and given to me at one of our mother-daughter activities at church. I sat on the couch reading my letter, tears streaming down my face, as my husband snored on the rocking chair beside me (he will deny that). I was so touched as I read her words and it made me long for my mom to return from her lost little world.

letter 2 letter 1

The part that hit me the hardest was when she wrote,

“I pray that we will always be close and friends as I am with your grandma.”

Oh how I long for that too!! 

Is it okay to have a feel-sorry-for-myself kind of day every once in a while? I’ll pick myself back up tomorrow ;)


  1. Enjoy the sorrow and wallow in tears...then deep breath and back at it...

  2. I have a letter from Mom during a tough time in my life. I cherish it.