Monday, April 8, 2013

A little update

Happy Monday! I hope you all had a great Easter holiday. My twin brother and his family came to visit and were so kind to leave us a present: the stomach flu. I, and my kids, have been battling the bug since Easter night. It started with me and every 48 hours someone else in the household catches it...I feel like it's NEVER GONNA END!!!!!

Needless to say, I have been consumed taking care of myself and my kids and I haven't been over to my mom's. I definitely don't want her catching what we all have...she would absolutely think she is dying!

Strange to say, but I'm feeling a little bit of withdrawals from not going over to help mom. She has been wanting me to take her to the mall. She has $4 left on her JC Penney gift card and it is burning a hole in her pocket!! She wants me to take her to pick out some clothes for my birthday boy, who will be 2 this Saturday. I was actually looking forward to taking her today and regretted having to call her to cancel. Surprisingly, she seemed to understand why I had to cancel (I was dreading the phone call due to her lack of comprehension). I suppose it is because I talked to her a couple of times last week already when the rest of us were puking. Hopefully everyone will be well tomorrow and I can take her on her shopping spree then!

Last week, I called to check in with her on Wednesday. She told me how "that girl" (aka caretaker Teresa) took her to walk up the street to the Dollar Tree where she stocked up on birthday cards for the grandkids. She also described to me what she had gotten for Ryder's upcoming birthday.

"I got him one of those things that's round and it goes up-it says 'Happy Birthday' on it-it goes up in the air, one of those things."

If you guessed balloon then your guess was as good as mine. As it turns out Ryder LOVES balloons and wants me to give him one every single time we go into that darn Dollar Tree! I assured mom he would be very happy with his gift.

Just another quick update here: after my post about mom refusing to let in the caregiver, and a repeat of that when my Aunt and Uncle went over a few days later, my dad went out and bought a lock box! We now have a secret code that will access the caregivers to a house key. No more phone calls from caregivers who are stranded outside the house for half an hour or more before mom will open the door!

More blogging to come...have a great week!

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