Thursday, January 9, 2014

Helping Grandma

There are days that I lament about my kids not having a grandma in the way that I had a grandma, and there are days that I am grateful for the lessons that my children are learning in this journey. Not that I would ever intentionally choose this for them; I long for them to know my mom and for her to be a grandma to them. After my mom was diagnosed, I was determined that I would do my best to learn and to grow and make myself a better person despite going through this devastating challenge. I am determined to pass that attitude onto my children as well.

I am so proud of my little people. For all of the moments of frustration that I have with them, there are many sweet and tender moments as well. This week I was able to witness some of those moments as we took care of grandma. It’s not easy for kids to give up their playtime during school breaks to work (especially teenagers!). But I didn’t really give them an option, either. They know that Mondays are our days to help grandma.

I expected some moaning and groaning as we left to grandma’s Monday morning, but much to my great surprise, the kids (particularly the little kids) were happy and anxious to help out. They got right to work sweeping floors while the teenage girls cleaned up the kitchen and did some dusting. The little kids worked especially hard cleaning up the leaves that those lovely Santa Ana winds brought in. They never complained; in fact it was just the opposite. They were delighted to surprise grandpa with a clean yard and expressed that they felt really good about helping out and giving service.

 20140106_102251 20140106_102356 20140106_102422 20140106_103230

When grandma sprinted up the street to “Avon Lady’s” house, the kids knew right what to do. They chased after grandma and took her hand, walking (or jogging, rather) beside her the rest of the trip.

20140106_124030 20140106_124041

I am thankful for these sweet children who are learning so many lessons of love, compassion, acceptance, service…Though they miss out on the ideal grandma experience, they are learning and growing in ways that they might not in another scenario.

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