Sunday, January 5, 2014

Mom's New Reading Glasses

One thing dementia will teach you is how to have a sense of humor.

Mom gave us a pretty good laugh tonight at family dinner. As we gathered at my house and worked together preparing our meal, mom found her usual place at my computer to play her favorite games. She was quite disgruntled that her reading glasses were left behind at her house. She asked me if I had glasses for her. I've worn glasses since the first grade, but they are way too strong of a prescription to meet mom's basic reading-glasses need. I told her no and we all continued about our business. I ran upstairs for something and my husband came upstairs and told me I had to go back down and look at my mom.

And this is how I found her at the computer.

Yep. Mom is a problem solver. And when she has her mind set on something, she doesn't give up! She found my sunglasses and thought they were reading glasses. Nevermind the darkness inside my already dimly lit house. We were all cracking up at mom's new reading glasses. After a while, mom took them off, noting that they were "too strong" for her. Ha ha. Thanks for the laugh tonight, mom. We love you!


  1. This gave me a huge laugh this evening. We all sat there for like 10 minutes watching her pull them up and down her nose trying to get them to work. Funniest thing was when she said they were too strong for her.

  2. Your mom definitely made your family’s night very interesting. I’m amazed how resourceful she was, sunglasses turned into reading glasses. I guess this shows how much she loves to play the games on your computer. I think you should buy her reading glasses and keep it in your house, so the next time she forgets to bring hers, you have something provided.

    Yaakov @

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  5. My dad did the same thing at our house. I have a few pair of cheap reading glasses I got from the dollar store. When Dad asked to use a pair to read the paper, I told him they were on the counter. He put on my black sunglasses and struggled for 10 minutes before we had to tell him what he was wearing.

    Doris Gibbs @ Moody Eyes

  6. I enjoyed reading your funny story about your mums new reading glasses. I hope you has found her real glasses now. I look forward to reading more of your blog in the future as my mum also has dementia and I feel that its something I can relate to. I wish you and your family all the best for the future.

    Lucius Calhoun @ Bolton Vision Centre