Friday, June 13, 2014

Mom’s Resourcefulness

Last night, my girls spent the night at my mom’s house. Dad had an out-of-town job this week, so we’ve been taking care of her while he’s gone.

When I went to pick them up this morning, I found this note attached to the door (left for the church ladies who come to “babysit” her"…she leaves notes like these on the door every week).

notes At first glance, I thought she had glued it on the door. Upon further inspection (and a little sniffing), I discovered the glue-like substance to not be glue at all. She had, in fact, used her “Moonlight Path” lotion to attach the note. You’ve got to give her some points for creativity on this one. It’s no wonder why she has to stock pile on the serves many purposes!!

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