Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Would You Like Some Veggies With That Garlic??

I've told you before and I'll tell you again, people with FTD develop an altered preference for food. Foods they once loved become untasteful to them. It is typical for them to want to eat the same foods day in and day out. I have read over and over (in my online support group) that people with FTD will eat the same thing everyday. For my mom, this is the case as well.

Her favorite meal is tortellini with LOTS of butter and garlic. And I mean lots. She uses butter and garlic on just about everything. And we're not talking a dash of garlic...we're talking "would you like some vegetables with that garlic?"
The other night, mom and dad came over for dinner. Mom brought her mixed vegetables and of course added a side of butter and garlic on top. We were all chuckling at the amount she put on top as she told us how "delicious" it was, and urged us each to try it. I couldn't resist taking a picture. You can see what I mean when I say it's more than just a dash.

Some of her other favorite foods:
-chicken with BBQ sauce: it doesn't matter what kind of chicken we make, she wants BBQ sauce. I made an Italian chicken with a tomato sauce the other night, and she brought out her BBQ sauce (much to all of our surprise, she actually tried it without the BBQ sauce and liked it).
-frozen burritos
-frozen pizza
-broccoli cauliflower salad
-pineapple (this was a strange one to me...she never cared for pineapple when I was growing up)
-costco rolls
-Ensure and Slim Fast
-chicken nuggets


  1. I have never been big on stuffed pastas. But I love macaroni, linguini, spaghetti, angel hair, penne rigate & rotini when my wife makes salads or soups. I know my sister cooked pastas for you guys all your lives while being raised at home. I often wondered where that came from because my mom served only mac and cheese and spaghetti with meat sauces in our home. Never ever did we see or eat tortillini or ravioli or even manicotti nor lasagna. My wife made killer manicotti and lasagna. But we can't get manicotti from Dreamfields.

    Thank goodness we found a pasta diabetics can eat that looks and tastes exactly like the real deal (Dreamfields Foods). Now we enjoy my old favorites again.

    1. I think it came from being married to an Italian ;) My great-grandma taught my mom some favorite Italian recipes.

  2. She wants to lose weight and is obsessed over gaining weight yet she pours on the butter? WOW!

    1. I knew I should've clarified this...I almost did...it's not real butter that she uses. It's her "Smart Balance" and "it's so healthy and good for your body and so delicious too." Lol.

  3. This is insane! My mom stopped cooking 5 years ago and her once healthy diet turned into steady fast food drives. She thinks she's being healthy by eating an egg sandwich from A&w every single day. She would live on chicken Caesar salads if she could. She can't cook at all! She sees nothing wrong with eating this way. We actually misdiagnosed her as being malnourished for the longest time because docs believed she wasn't getting enough nutrients to make brain function properly. In hindsight I'm thinking, why the heck wouldn't we have wondered what MADE her stop cooking.

  4. Lindsay what kind of dementia does your mom have? It sounds very typical of FTD (mom's semantic dementia falls under the FTD category). My mom became very obsessed with particular foods...I've heard of this happening with so many others as well. They always say hindsight is 20/20! ;)