Monday, October 1, 2012

A Foreign Language

My last post was about finding humor in the face of this ugly disease (if you missed that post, you can read it here). So here is some humor to start off your Monday morning.

Last night, we had our usual Sunday family dinner. My mom was talking about something (I can't even remember now what it was) and my sister was trying to respond and have a conversation with my mom. However, no sooner than my sister opened her mouth, my mom was talking about the next thing that was on her mind. She takes no time to listen to responses or engage in actual conversation. I think most of the time she simply cannot process what we are saying and can only focus on what she is thinking about. My sister turned to me and rolled her eyes, stating,

"I may as well not even talk, it makes no difference."

I answered her back, "We could probably speak another language and she'd know no difference."

Then, an idea popped into my head. I thought it might be funny to test my theory. As soon as mentioned it to my sister, she began chuckling. It took me a minute to hide the smirk on my face, and then I turned to my mom and, with as straight a face I could muster, I began reciting the Pledge of Allegiance. In Spanish.

Mom looked at me, at first with her usual blank look. In a quick moment the blank look turned to confusion, then she narrowed her eyes and got a smirk on her face and finally said,

"What, are you talking to me in Mexican?"

We all began laughing at that point, even Mom. I think she was proud of herself for figuring it out, and we were impressed as well. Immediately the conversation turned to my Aunt (who is a native of Mexico),

"And Tina speaks that kind of Mexican too cuz she's from that place too and even though she's getting really older too in her sixties she still looks really pretty and nice too..." and on and on mom went, reminiscing about Tia Tina's first time in an earthquake after she had moved in with them (while my Uncle was in the military) and so on.

Some of you might think we're mean to joke around; those who have dealt with this sort of circumstance (and who know our family) know that a sense of humor is essential. Sometimes that is all that gets us through the day!


  1. That's the first time I have heard Deana even knew of Tina's little comment during that quake. Of course she had to be there, but as far as I know she has never talked about it with us. The hilarious line from my wife-to-be was she was so scared from the quake she was "still shaking like a sleeve".

    Of course she meant "leaf", but when knew to another language, things get messed up. I think it was my mom who sent me a letter in Vietnam and told me about it. It was welcomed humor, to be sure.Another funny was when she called Pringles Drug Store to see if the film I sent her had been developed yet. When they answered the phone she asked for the "pornography department". When she saw my mom and sister rolling on the floor laughing, she yelled, What did I say....what did I say?" And promptly hung up the phone.

    Yes, your mom is obsessed with appearances!! She always tells Tina she still looks beautiful even though she is in her "high sixties". Too funny!!

    How odd she refers to the Spanish language as "speaking Mexican". She NEVER used to do that. But it's the only way my mom (and her sister) ever said it, much to my objections! I wonder if that's where she is getting it.

    1. I think she just can't remember the word Spanish or any other "hispanic" words...if that makes sense. She can only associate things with Mexican because that is what she is most familiar with (with Tia Tina and many of her students). I don't know if that makes sense, it does in my brain ;p

    2. I remember that day but I recall her calling Sears Department Store not Pringles Drug Store. We laughed so hard!

  2. I don't think anyone judges you negatively for finding humor in the whole situation. You just have to! :)

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